Monday, August 24, 2015

Moving in

I was moving out to another location, and today I am moving in here again. Why ya. Sebab kat sana tu dah tak boleh masuk. I thought i got the wrong username or the wrong password. I checked again and again and was pretty sure that I was right. Tapi tak boleh masuk and some of the posts I wrote early this year were also vanished. Yes..gone. So, got no choice la.. have to come back to the old house.. (chuckle).

So, surely there are missing years in between. There is a gap from the moment of moving out to the moment  of moving in.  But you can always check  here   to find the missing pieces although not all the pieces are there to be found. Told you some of my postings were gone. Tergaru-garu kepala juga mikirkan  how that can happen.   

That's all for now. Tengah nak renovate rumah ni sana sikit sini sikit.

Ummu Latifah

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